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RD Amma Masale

RD AMMA Masale is an indian pure homemade premix masale has a legacy of great taste and rich flavours that’s why it is savoured all across the India. RD AMMA is starting homemade masale manufactured business journey in 2020. Today, due to their magnanimous and sincere efforts, their dreams have taken shape and “RD AMMA MASALE” have attained the status of one of the best brands among indian spices. We are exceedingly aware at the same time in choosing the masala ingredients which further help us with the procedure of manufacturing spices with the best taste.
Now RD AMMA MASALE has become the stalwart within the area of spices. having the vision to deliver the purest and healthy spices. We are always choosing only naturally-grown raw materials. Our authentic exotic spices infuse the flavours and enhance the aroma of meals. Generally, the flavours of spices fade with time but we use the combination of superior technologies and traditional and ayurvedic methodologies which make certain intact taste and flavours throughout the year. We are very proud that our products are used in a million kitchens to add zest to their meals.

Nourished With Love

RD AMMA MASALE is a brand name of Deepa Grah Udyog and the name of our company is as exceptional as the quality of our products. In the year 2020 when Covid pandemic was started, we have started our homemade masale manufacture business journey and we have approached direct to house wives.Now days we become one of the most demanded manufacturers for homemade masale and premix masale.

1. Easy cook pre mix Masale

We present the finest premix masale which is a versatile spice blend used for all-purpose seasoning. RD AMMA MASALE, provides different types of premix masale like: - Paneer Premix Masala, Chana Premix Masala, Dum Aloo Premix Masala, Masala Chaap Premix Masala many more.

2.Taste Maker Masale

Ready to cook/ready to eat RD AMMA tastemaker masale is a masala that can add enhanced flavour to any dish that comes up in regular cooking.RD AMMA provides variant’s types of taste maker masale like: - Garam Masala, Chaat Masala, Tea Masala, Oregano Spice Mix.

3. Digestive Mouth Freshener

RD AMMA digestive mouth fresheners give you long-lasting freshness and they are packed with natural ingredients, RD AMMA provides a wide range of digestive mouth fresheners that is also full of flavours like Amla Candy, Hingpeda, Imli Goli, Sweet Supari etc.

Our Mission

To supply best quality, healthy and tasty masale products to our customers worldwide. And to deliver brilliant customer service and attain customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a renowned and significant brand in the Masale industry globally by providing customers with authentic products of the highest quality and taste.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Quality of our products
  • Cutting edge production,
  • Health & Hygienet
  • Pure Homemade Masale